Accidental Disconnections in Databases

AskAway patrons who enter AskAway from Qwidgets in EBSCO or ProQuest databases are vulnerable to accidentally navigating away from their session when searching a database. If they try to perform a search from the page that they are chatting on, they can accidentally leave the session, and might not be able to return.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent this; if they pop-out their window before searching, there is no danger of navigating away from the chat. The script Begin - Qwidget Database is useful for this situation:
Before we use this database, it's important that you expand our session to
a new window, so we aren't disconnected. To do this, click the Expand button
(beside the x-close button). A new window will pop up.
Comments or questions? Feel free to contact me at the AskAway Admin Centre.

- Reece, BC ELN