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Update for May 20th

In this update:
AA News: AskAway Sustainability | AskAway and Premier Campbell | BC Library Conference Presentations | Software Selection Committee Update | AskAway 2.0 | New Look for Patrons and Staff | AskAway Staff Changes |
AA FAQs: How did that other service provider suddenly appear in my session?
AA Stats: Sessions per FTE: 2007/2008 vs. 2008/2009
Absolutely Amazing Patron Feedback: “librarians can be our intellectual lifelines and collaborators”

Update for March 18, 2009

In this update:
AA News: AskAway Traffic Up 95% Over Last Year! | AskAway Adds Value Toolkit Now Available | Software Selection Committee | An AA Success Story | Jing Video Tutorials | Joint AA/eHLBC Brown Bag | New Service-wide Scripts Available
How do I… Cope with increased traffic?
AA FAQs: Which Resolution/Descriptive Codes do I use?
AA Stats: Reaching New Audiences
Absolutely Amazing Patron Feedback

AskAway Update: January 12th

AA News:
New Improved Service Provider Experience
On November 23, QuestionPoint installed a software update that changed the look and feel of the chat monitor. The new version improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the service provider experience, giving SPs more ability to customise the layout of information in the chat monitor. The new version requires your computer to have the latest version of Flash. For more information about this exciting

AskAway Update for September 15th

In this update:
AA News: Welcome Back; New Committee Members; Multi-sector Database Bundle; New Library Looks; Service Provider FAQs; Patron Exit Survey
AA Quick Tips: Instruction Without Co-browse; New to the Service?
AA Stats: Did you know?
Absolutely Amazing Patron Feedback
AA News:
Welcome back!

AskAway Update - June 27th

In this update:
AA News: Advisory Committee Positions; AA at the BC Library Conference; New AAers at BC ELN
AA Quick Tips: You Could Be Breaking the Law!; Who Picks Up Which Questions?; Are You Using the Right Resolution Code?
AA Stats: Did you know?; How are we doing so far this summer?
Absolutely Amazing Patron Feedback

AskAway at the BC Library Conference

Just a reminder that today is (almost) the last day to register for the AskAway session at the BC Library Conference Saturday April 19, from 3:45 - 5 PM. Our session is aimed at AskAway service providers and will be a fun and creative session of exploration and discussion around providing VR, with a chance to see your AskAway team display hidden talents, and fabulous AskAway prizes for session participants!
You can find the registration page here:

March Statistics Posted

Statistics for March have been posted to the For Local Administrators tab of the Portal:
Looking for Reports in the QP interface?
Reports formerly in the Admin and Ask modules have all been consolidated and are now appearing as a Reports tab in the top left-hand corner on the My QP page.
Questions about QP Reports?
Contact Sunni

Questions asked per hour (last term)

Wondering how many questions were asked during a specific hour frame last term? The Questions by Hour statistics are now available in a user-friendly graphical format as well as the excel spreadsheet.
The graphical format condenses questions from all institutions together, to show exactly how many questions are asked in each hour block.


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