UBC Library: Accessing Online Resources Off-Campus

From UBC Library:

Many Users (Students, Faculty, and others) are accessing the Library’s online resources for the first time. If you get general questions from new Users, please direct them to read this: https://services.library.ubc.ca/electronic-access/connect/

…particularly the Accessing Electronic Resources off Campus (via EZproxy) section and especially the part about NOT using UBC’s VPN myVPN. We do not send myVPN IP addresses to Providers, and myVPN can cause conflicts with EZproxy.

If you get specific questions about access, please direct Users to our Help Form: https://about.library.ubc.ca/contact-us/ejournal-help/

This is important as it asks for contact info (which can be lost when forwarding emails to listservs) and captures some system info (key to diagnosing problems). Some Users may be reluctant to fill out yet another form, or are frustrated. We get it.

Thanks and take care of yourselves wherever you are working from.