All About the All Tab

General Info
The All tab is a tab in QuestionPoint that allows service providers to:

  1. See a list of questions all other service providers are working on
  2. Join other service providers' calls in conference mode

Below is a screen shot of where the All tab is located. The number in brackets indicates the total number of calls that other service providers have.


Below is the view the All tab shows.


Adjust the columns to view more of the current questions, or to view which service provider is answering each question.
No All Tab?
Some service providers have noticed they do not have a visible All tab. Local Coordinators can adjust settings in their institution's librarians accounts. Unfortunately there is no way to make a global change; each account has to be changed separately, but it's very quick to do so (service providers: if you do not have an All tab, and would like one, please ask your Local Coordinator to change these settings, they can't be changed from non-admin accounts).

Local Coordinators can turn on the All tab for their institution's service providers by doing the following:

  1. Login to QuestionPoint using your 9-digit Administrator login
  2. Select Administration from the drop down box in the top right
  3. Click on the grey tab View/Update Accounts
  4. Click the Edit button beside the name of the service provider's account
  5. In the second row of radio buttons, change the selection from Ask Librarian to Ask Administrator (see image below)
    Note: despite the term "Administrator," the service provider will not be able to access the same administrative privileges as the local coordinator.

Conference Mode
The All tab allows entry into conference mode on another service provider's call. This can be used to assist a colleague and work together on a question, as an alternative to communicating about a question over Campfire or transferring a question. Please remember to check in with the other service provider over Campfire before initiating conference mode.

Questions or comments about the All tab? Please contact me at the AskAway Admin Centre.

- Reece, BC ELN