AskAway Brown-bag lunch: Netiquette and Online Communication: Roundtable Discussion

AskAway Brown-Bag lunches are back!
Our first brown-bag lunch of the summer is going to be a little different. We will be having a "roundtable discussion" about netiquette, online communication, and dealing with difficult patrons.
Everyone is invited to bring their questions, answers, suggestions, and workarounds.
If you are able to bring a microphone, please do so - I will be available from 12:00 onwards to assist with audio setup.
Here is some additional information on setting up a microphone:
Macromedia Breeze Meeting QuickStart Guide
-View the Broadcasting Audio module
-A pause button exists on the bottom left of the video
-(Other modules are irrelevant)
If you are unable to bring a microphone, you can still participate using the chat pod.
The discussion will take place Monday, May 7th, 12:15 to 12:45. A recording will be made for those unable to attend at that time.
An email has been sent to the listservs which includes the links to the presentations. If you have not received this email, please let me know at: nikib(at)eln(dot)bc(dot)ca
For more information, including system requirements and FAQs, visit:
Mac Users: if you are borrowing a headset, USB headsets are more stable than the ones with the pink and green connectors.
If you have any suggestions for future topics, or would like to present a topic, please email: nikib(at)eln(dot)bc(dot)ca