AskAway Update - June 27th

In this update:
AA News: Advisory Committee Positions; AA at the BC Library Conference; New AAers at BC ELN
AA Quick Tips: You Could Be Breaking the Law!; Who Picks Up Which Questions?; Are You Using the Right Resolution Code?
AA Stats: Did you know?; How are we doing so far this summer?
Absolutely Amazing Patron Feedback

AA News:
Advisory Committee Positions
Have you always wanted to have more input into how AskAway works? Now’s your chance: the BC ELN Steering Committee recently approved the addition of two member-at-large positions on the AA Advisory Committee. If you are an AskAway service provider or administrator, you are eligible to volunteer for these positions. Look for a call-out for interested folks coming this summer!
BC Library Conference Session a Rollicking Success!
AAers made their presence known at the BC Library conference this year, bringing curious onlookers to the door wondering what all the laughing was about. Participants at the AskAway Improv Reference session entertained and educated each other with skits highlighting funny and frustrating AskAway situations, with some bananas thrown in for fun! Thanks to all of you who brought your AskAway stories to the Improv!
New AAers at BC ELN
We are pleased to have welcomed 3 new BC ELN AskAwayers to staff AskAway evening and weekend shifts during the summer: Pamela Dent, Ron Rooth and Neill Vanhinsberg. All are recent SLAIS grads and experienced AAers, having previously staffed AA while working at UBC or SFU.
AA Quick Tips:
You Could Be Breaking the Law!
Did you know it is against the law to ask for a patron’s email address or phone number on AskAway? BC FOIPP legislation REQUIRES that we do not solicit a patron’s personally identifying information during an AskAway session because transcripts are stored on US servers and are subject to the Patriot Act.
Instead of asking for the patron’s email address, ask them to email or phone you, or refer them to a librarian at their home institution.
Who Picks Up Which Questions?
When possible, let's give each other a chance to pick up patrons from our own institutions. We all appreciate handling questions from our own patrons (If we're not already handling a call), and it simplifies issues of authenticating into databases.
Are you using the right resolution code?
Remember that you should only be using Answered, Lost Call or Practise as your resolution codes when exiting a session. Using any other resolution codes (Follow up by patron's library or Follow up by me) will leave the question 'open' and it won't be counted in the statistics. For more info on resolution codes go to:
AA Stats:
Did you know….
… AskAwayers have handled over 16,000 calls since the start of service in October 2006.
… from Jan- Apr 2008, the majority (27%) of patrons self-identified as 1st-2nd years, 26% as 3rd-4th years, 20% as college students, 11% as grad students.
… from Jan-Apr 2008, 55% of patrons self-identified as accessing the service from home.
How are we doing so far this summer?
- So far this summer our busiest two days were Tuesday May 27 and Wednesday June 11, with 30 calls each.
- Our average calls per week this summer is 107, as compared to an average of 225 calls per week during the Jan-Apr term.
AskAway statistics up until and including May 2008 are available on the For Local Administrators tab of the Portal:
Have questions about statistics? Ask Sunni:
Absolutely Amazing Patron Feedback
"[The librarian] was very helpful and was able to direct me in the right places for information that I needed. I was assisted with navagating throught the site, and it now seems easy when I was very intimidated before. Thanks so much for your help!!!" [College student]
"I absolutely LOVE this service. I will use it again for sure and will definitely let my classmates know about it. My librarian was wonderful. =)" [1st-2nd yr]
"very helpful and very patient, not rushed at all and then asked if I had more questions when I was done. She left me feeling encouraged about learning to use the library more effectively" [1st-2nd year]
" I was very pleased and impressed by how quickly I was helped; and the library assistant was very friendly!" [1st-2nd year]
Want to read more? Results from the Patron Exit Survey are available on the Portal: .
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