Critical Procedures for Closing Shifts

For those of you that work closing shifts on AskAway, here's some critical procedures to remember:

1. Queue Management.

During your shift check the Librarians () tab or Chat Monitoring Tool for question loads and offer in Campfire to assist or take transfers if necessary.  More information on the AskAway Blog: All Tab Display Issues in QuestionPoint: An Update! (2013).  Remember some librarians may have more questions than expected due to the institution queues.

2. Closing Related Scripts.

Use the Begin - We're Closing Soon script to remind patrons that we're closing soon if you pick-up research questions 5-15 minutes before closing.  Use the Close - Sorry We're Closed script on questions picked-up after closing but before everyone has left the queue.

3. Coordinate Closing the Queue.

At closing time communicate with your colleagues in Campfire about a coordinated exit from the queue.  How do you exit from the queue while finishing up on-going questions? At closing time (1) Click on the Queue link at the top of the chat monitor and (2) Uncheck and Save the list of Queue's monitored to zero (0), even if you have live chats in progress. The service will close when every librarian has left the AskAway Queue. The Qwidget and Fullscreen Chat links on library web pages will close allowing you to wrap up your current questions without new questions being queued.

4. Offer assistance to Your Colleagues.

If you're all wrapped-up and everyone has left the queue try checking how many questions your colleagues still have via the Chat Monitoring Tool or Campfire.  We can't always stay a few minutes late to wrap-up but, if possible, try to be considerate and offer to help with any research for ongoing questions at closing. It isn't necessary to take a transfer (and sometimes isn't desirable) but offering to find a few guides or resources can help everyone wrap-up faster!

5. Logout Properly.

Please remember to click the top-right Logout link in the chat monitor, and the Exit button in the My QuestionPoint window at the end of your shift. Closing the browser window does not log you out of QuestionPoint, and the service may stay open all night as a result. IMPORTANT: If you are unable to log out properly due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. computer crash, power failure, etc.) please contact the AskAway Coordinator, Sunni, immediately at this number: 778-237-6276.  She can then log you out properly. Remember the AskAway service does not close until all service providers have left the queue! Let the AskAway Admin Centre know if you have any questions about this! / 778-782-5419.