Feeling Alone?

Can't see anyone else on the service? Feel as if you are
alone? Don't despair! Try these things:

  1. Check the Staff schedule to see if it is a holiday (it does happen!)
  2. Log out of QuestionPoint, shut down your browser and open it back up again. Use Internet Explorer if possible - there tend to be fewer glitches.
  3. Check your Internet Explorer settings and delete your temporary internet files:
    1. Go to the IE Tools menu and choose Internet Options.
    2. Under "Temporary Internet Files" (or "Browsing History") delete your temporary internet files and/or cookies.
    3. Under "Temporary Internet Files" (or "Browsing History") click on Settings. For "Check for newer versions of the page" make sure it is set to "Every visit to the page." Under "Amount of disk space to use" make sure it is set to either 50 MB for IE7 or 1 MB for IE6.
    4. Click OK to close.
  4. Log back into QuestionPoint.
  5. If you still don't see anyone on with you, and you’re getting lots of questions, send a “help, I’m swamped” message to the eln-vrefservprov listserv.
  6. As soon as you have a chance, contact ELN Askaway coordinators and/or your local AskAway administrator to report the problem.

- Sunni, BC ELN