Fridge magnets

I just returned from my local public library, where they have a stack of nifty AskAway fridge magnets. I was tempted to take a bunch but managed to restrict myself to just one. Are there any magnets for academic libraries to give our patrons so I won't have to continue to resist temptation?
- Ross Tyner (Okanagan College)



Fridge magnets! What a great idea!! Students can put them on their mini-bar fridges in their dorm rooms. Awesome!
How can we order some for our library?

Hi Ross and Laurie. Fridge magnets are coming!! In fact what you saw was the "old" design -- now it's even more attractive. You were supposed to have the magnets (and lots of other marketing materials) already, but things got delayed and so a decision was made to distribute the "marketing toolkit" in January. Stay tuned ...