Logging out of QuestionPoint at the end of the day

Attention: folks who work the last shift of the day.

This is a reminder in response to questions about logging out of your shift at closing time (9:00pm every day except Fridays and Saturdays, 5:00pm).

If you are working the last shift of the day, please close your session as normal; there aren't any special procedures to follow. When there are no AskAwayers logged on, users will automatically see a notice on the Qwidget or question form page that lets them know the service is closed.

If a user asks a question within around 15 minutes of the time when the service will close for the day, and you feel it cannot be answered in the time available, you may ask the user to come back the next day or refer them to their library.

If you are still helping a user at the time of service closure, it is your decision whether to stay on and finish the session or to refer them. However, remember that the service stays open until the last librarian logs off, so new user may continue to come into the service.

Questions or Comments? Feel free to contact me at the AskAway Admin Centre.

- Reece, BC ELN