Marketing AskAway on Social Media Sites

Looking for fresh content for your library’s Twitter or Facebook updates? We have some ideas for how to find interesting tidbits to share with learners in 140 characters or fewer.

  • Share the website to publicize the service

Want library or research help? Help with citations or journal articles? Try AskAway online chat -

  • Post a comment about AskAway from your learners. To access comments from the exit survey, go to the Survey page of the AskAway Portal. Check to make sure users from your institution provided feedback using the column on the right, then download a survey from the column on the left. User comments are on the furthest right field of the survey. Sample update:

From one of our students: “I really appreciate the AskAway service. It is a lifesaver for those of us that are hours and miles away from a physical library!”

  • Let them in on a secret: AskAway is less busy on weekday mornings, and they will be more likely to get the fastest help if they use the service then.

Like to chat but hate to wait? AskAway library chat is least busy on weekday mornings. Get help with research, journal articles, citations, and more.

  • Search transcripts for interesting questions your students have asked. This gives students an idea of the breadth of questions and topics AskAway can help with. You could search for current events, recent projects, or other interesting topics. For instructions on using the keyword search, see the blog post AskAway Transcripts: Advanced Keyword Search.

Search term: social media:
A student asked for this on AskAway chat:
“I need some resources about the charity use of social media and business impacts.”
What are you wondering about?

Want to add the Qwidget to your library’s Facebook page? Here are the instructions on the QuestionPoint wiki.
Please let us know it’s there - we would love screenshots of Qwidgets on library Facebook pages!