New Consortium-Wide Scripts Added

The following scripts have been added to the available consortium-wide scripts:
TechTrouble - Anticipated
I am going to [describe action here], which may break our chat session. If we are disconnected, please come back to Askaway.
TechTrouble - Pushing PDF
The following page contains a link to a PDF. Please cut and paste the following address to a new window, then click the link to open the PDF. PDFs often break the chat window.
TechTrouble - Cookie Error
That error message sometimes occurs because we are in this chat window. Please open a new window, and try entering the database again.
Note that TechTrouble - Anticipated must be modified to suit the specific situation before it is sent to the patron.
Use TechTrouble - Cookie Error when the patron reports one of these error messages:

  • It says cookie is not enabled...
  • "This is cookie.htm from the doc subdirectory"

Niki Baumann
Virtual Reference Librarian