New Look for the Chat Monitor on Sunday!

On Sunday, November 23rd, QuestionPoint will be installing an update to the QP software. This will result in some changes to the look and feel (but not the basic functionality) of the chat monitor.
There are a lot of exciting improvements to the chat monitor in this update and it promises to improve the overall efficiency of the workflow and the speed of response between patron and service provider.
Check Your Version of Flash
The catch is, these changes require you to have the latest version of Flash player installed in your browser ( or better).

QP assures us that they will support older versions of Flash for ‘a few months,’ so if you are not able to update Flash before November 23rd, you should still be able to staff AskAway using the old version of the chat monitor. However, to ensure your ability to staff the service, please upgrade Flash as soon as possible.
To check your current version of Flash today, open up the browser that you normally use for staffing AskAway and visit the following page:
There you will see a box titled “Version Information” that will note the installed version number. If you do not have version or later, you can download it from the Player Download Center link lower down on the page.
What to Expect in the New Chat Monitor
Once you’ve upgraded to Flash version or better, an automatic initialization process will occur the first time you log into the chat monitor after November 23rd. Then you will be prompted to select your queues as normal.
Essentially, chat monitor changes involve the layout of information:
1. Chat and IM are now in separate tabs, making it easier to distinguish between the two.
2. The Info, Scripts, URLs and Notes tabs are now organized into “drawers” that make better use of screen space.
3. As you end the session, Resolution Codes, Descriptive Codes, Librarian Note and Patron Note are also organized into “drawers.”
4. Improved error notifications will tell you what is happening and what to do if your connection is dropped, you’ve logged in twice, or your chat monitor fails to load properly, etc..
5. You will now have more control over the layout of the chat monitor, with the ability to resize the frames so you don’t have to do so much scrolling around.
Documentation detailing the changes to the chat monitor is available here:
QP has posted a webinar recording about the changes to the chat monitor here:
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sunni or Gordon.
- Sunni
AskAway Coordinator, BC ELN