One librarian, many questions!

Scenario: You're online, and a new question comes up. You go to answer it, and another librarian, who already has a question, gets there first.
Why have they grabbed two (or more) questions, when you don't have any?
It could be that this librarian has a "mad disconnecter" - that is, a patron who keeps losing their internet connection, and returning to the service. The librarian may not have time to close all of those lost calls, or they may need to keep them open for reference.
How can you determine if your colleague has a mad disconnecter, or is being swamped?
Click on the All tab, and look at the list of questions. Indications of a mad disconnecter are:

  • The librarian's sessions all have the same patron name
  • One or more sessions have the question "I was just talking to [librarian's name]...." or "I got disconnected..."

This can help you determine whether to IM them or not!