QuestionPoint Chat Monitor Redesign Update

On November 8, 2018, QuestionPoint hosted a virtual user group meeting. You can now view the recording and slides at the following links: 

Chat Monitor Redesign

The first half of the user group meeting featured an update on the QuestionPoint chat monitor redesign.

What's changing

  • Moving from Flash to HTML5
  • Redesigned chat monitor interface
    • The redesign is based on feedback received from the community and usability testing.
    • For a sneak peek of the chat monitor in development and to learn about specific enahncements, see the slides or view the recording above (approx. 03:00 - 29:00).


  • December 2018
    • Training videos will be made available to all service providers.
  • Early 2019 (first quarter)
    • QuestionPoint will soft launch the new chat monitor interface. The old chat interface will be available for a short period of time (approx. 2 weeks) before the official launch, so you'll have the option to use the old or new interface during this time.
    • Official launch of the new chat monitor interface.

Support and Staying Up to Date

The AskAway Admin Centre is here to provide support during the transition and we'll keep you updated via email to let you know when training videos are available, the date of the soft launch, and when other important information is shared from QuestionPoint.

Questions? Feel free to contact us the AskAway Admin Centre.