Relying on Campfire

The real value of Campfire comes from the community of service providers who use it to support one another during their shifts and keep AskAway running smoothly.

Log into Campfire and listen for notifications during each shift so that you'll be aware if something important comes up and your colleagues need assistance. You'll also be able to ask for help if you run into an issue.

From easing the transition at shift changeover, to coordinating lost calls, to group troubleshooting, there are many ways that you use Campfire to provide excellent service and support one another.

Three service providers from Camosun College, Simon Fraser University, and University of Northern British Columbia share how they like to use Campfire and why they rely on it during their shifts.

Ease the Transition at Shift Changeover

  • "I rely on Campfire to know who's coming on (or continuing) to provide service help."
  • "To provide the best service possible we need to be able to connect with one another especially when some of us have other service points to get to."

Manage Calls

  • "We can coordinate the pickup of lost calls, maximizing the chances that the user can be reunited with the provider."
  • "We can discuss the traffic of the service, which allows us to better respond when multiple similar chats are coming in, coordinate the transfer of users to balance the load, or decide when to send out a swamped call."
  • "It shows awareness that you're checking into the chat to see if anyone needs help during a shift (sometimes people have 4 questions and I'm with no one so I can ask them if they need help)."


  • "It is like¬†group troubleshooting¬†which is incredibly helpful!"

Build Community & Create Connections

  • "It encourages a team mentality, instead of each of us just answering questions on our own."
  • "We can build connections with our colleagues, such as discussing the current events at an institution or having a bit of fun."
  • "Campfire fosters a sense of connection with colleagues all over the province. It has often really improved my mood. A quick exchange with a colleague can help you laugh off a challenging session."

Questions about using Campfire? Contact the AskAway Admin Centre.