Test Driving the New Chat Monitor

QuestionPoint has released its redesigned chat monitor. The new redesigned interface and the current interface will operate in parallel for at least 2 weeks before access to the current version ends.

***Please continue to use the current (aka old) chat monitor for your scheduled AskAway shifts for the time being***

Next week, we'll follow-up with more information about the subtle changes in workflow and the features available in the redesigned interface before taking it live.

Test Drive the New Chat Monitor

If you'd like to try out the next chat monitor, please use the Practice Queue and the Chat Patron Practice Form to familiarize yourself with the new layout.

The steps below will guide you through accessing the new interface and submitting a practice question as a patron.

1. To access a preview of the new chat monitor interface, click the Preview link beside the Launch Chat quick link on the left-hand side (the Launch Chat quick link will take you to the current interface).

2. After clicking the Continue to QP Chat button, select the "Practice Queue" ONLY and click Save.

3. To launch the patron practice chat, click Chat Patron Practice Form from the Quick Links menu of your QuestionPoint homepage.

4. Enter a practice question and click Submit. IMPORTANT: Make sure the Practice box is checked off.

Test out the new interface. Pick up your chat, send a message, send some scripts and URLs, view patron info, end the session, etc.

Note: When you end a session, please select the Practice Resolution Code so that practice calls are not counted in statistics.

5. When you've ended your practice session, click the Sign out link in the top right.

6. And then click the Close Window button.

Questions or feedback? Contact the AskAway Admin Centre.