Update to Descriptive and Resolution Codes

We have recently updated the Resolution and Descriptive Codes page to provide a clearer explanation of which codes should be applied in which situations. The page outlines the codes that are available, with explanations for when they should be applied. You can find it here: http://askaway.org/staff/resolution-and-descriptive-codes

Descriptive codes provide valuable information about the kinds of questions that come into the service. They provide concrete facts about how the service is used, which can help institutions make decisions. And they can give some surprising results. For example, it’s commonly assumed that chat reference mainly receives circulation and directional questions. But if you look at the data, the majority of AskAway questions by far are in-depth research — while circulation and directional combined amount to just 10% of our sessions. Up to four descriptive codes can be applied to a given chat, which can provide a very complete picture of how the service is used. At present the codes are applied to between 60% and 70% of sessions. The closer we get to 100%, the more complete an understanding we can achieve.

Cheers, Brandon