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AskAway logout errors

What happens if there's an error just as you or your colleague logs out at the end of a shift?
Here are some tips for recognising and dealing with this situation.
Scenario A: You notice that a colleague hasn't logged out, even 15min after their shift is over, but they're not helping a patron at the time.
What you can do:

Can't Cobrowse?

Here are some tips related to cobrowsing:
Table of Contents
1. Preparation for cobrowsing
2. Tips for cobrowsing
3. Alternatives to cobrowsing
1. Preparation for cobrowsing
1.1 Remove Java Update
1.2 Delete both your cookies and files
2. Tips for cobrowsing
2.1 One at a time

Troubleshooting: Queue Selection Screen slow to load

Some AskAwayers have reported that when they login, the Queue Selection screen takes a long time to load.
To speed up the process, please try clicking the Refresh button on your browser.
If that doesn't work, try logging out, and logging back in again.
It seems that the Queue Selection screen does eventually load, but these tips will help you to get through the queue selection process more quickly.

More on Java

When reading the previous post I thought I'd be immune to the Java problem as I'd originally downloaded version1.5 and all has been well to date. Unfortunately, Java updated automatically to the 1.6 tonight, in the middle of my shift and not only could I not co-browse, but the system slowed down to a crawl and it ultimately took me 9 minutes to shut my computer down and restart it. I will try to delete the dud upgrade asap - but just wanted to let everyone know that you might find your system has been updated without your knowledge!
Shawnna P. AskAway/UBC/GAA

Not Picking Up Calls?

A number of librarians over the past two terms have reported that occasionally some librarians appear not to be picking up calls, leaving other folks staffing the service to handle two or three calls at a time. This could be for a number of reasons, the most likely being that these librarians are unaware of technical issues preventing them from seeing calls coming in. To prevent this from happening:

Java Update breaks cobrowse

Here is a message from OCLC:
There is a technical issue with the new Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6 (also known as JRE1.6.x) that will prevent you from successfully establishing a connection to the cobrowse server.
If you have Sun Java JRE 1.6 already installed, please uninstall it immediately following these steps:
1. Click on Start
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Click on Add/Remove Programs
4. Highlight by clicking on the entry for Java(tm) SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 1
5. Click Remove

UBC Rewriting Proxy and Cobrowse

There has been progress in being able to cobrowse in a UBC licensed resource using an authentication method called the Rewriting Proxy. Here’s what you do:
1) After launching cobrowse, take the student to the Rewriting Proxy login page at:
2) Have the student login using the Campus Wide Login (CWL).
3) You can then navigate into a licensed database or ejournal.

RefWorks - Canadian server

As of May 2, UBC has moved all RefWorks accounts to a Canadian server. Other BC institutions that subscribe to RefWorks may have done the same.
We have done a lot of publicity about the change, so questions should be minimal. If you do get asked, the new web address is: and users will have to download the Write-N-Cite utility again.


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