Technical Tips/Updates

Qwidget & Full Interface Update

Framebusters Alert

Normally when a service provider sends a link to an AskAway user, using the full-screen interface, the linked page open up automatically for the user. Framebusting pages are pages that will not open in another site (e.g. QuestionPoint)'s frame. This is relevant to AskAway patrons who use the full-screen interface, but not Qwidget users. More info on the full-screen interface and Qwidget, and how to determine which way a patron is accessing AskAway here.

All About the All Tab

General Info
The All tab is a tab in QuestionPoint that allows service providers to:

  1. See a list of questions all other service providers are working on
  2. Join other service providers' calls in conference mode

Below is a screen shot of where the All tab is located. The number in brackets indicates the total number of calls that other service providers have.


End of Shift Tips

General Tips
Log Out Correctly
Log out of QuestionPoint by clicking the "Exit" link in the top right corner. Please don't just close the window: it will appear you are still staffing AskAway. but not picking up calls!
If Possible, Wait for New Service Providers

Personal Scripts Refresher

Do you type similar responses to AskAway users over and over again? Find yourself constantly making the same tweaks to shared AskAway scripts?

This is a refresher/reminder about creating custom, personal scripts in QuestionPoint. It's a quick task that is easy to fit in between busy times at AskAway, and can really save time when there is a crunch! These scripts are only available to the individual who creates them, and will appear in the same place as the shared AskAway scripts during your sessions (My Library's scripts, in the scripts tab).

Embedding an AskAway Chat Qwidget in ProQuest Databases - Updated!

ProQuest has now added the option to embed custom widgets into their databases!

UPDATE: The option to delete the qwidget is now available!

Already have an AskAway Qwidget in your EBSCO databases or library web pages? Why not check-out the new option in ProQuest to add a custom widget to all your standard-platform ProQuest databases like CBCA (the options to select individual databases or non-standard platforms like Chadwyck are not currently available).

New AskAway Scripts

We have added some new scripts in response to suggestions from AskAwayers.

Here they are, along with some context.

Close - Left Session
I haven’t heard from you in a while, so I am going to close this session. Thanks for using AskAway, and please feel free to come back if you have further questions.

When a user has not responded for an extended period of time, this is a quick way to let them know you are ending the session and inviting them to return again.


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