AskAway Patron Feedback

We continue to get overwhelmingly positive feedback from our patrons. Here's a small sample of the quotes we've gathered from the exit survey over the past two months. (AskAway patron feedback is also now appearing on the BC ELN website as part of the Appreciative Inquiry display.)
“What a great service. I wish this service had been available to me in first year. Thanks for all of the help. This takes the worry out of needing to find help and not being able to obtain it.” (Malapsina patron)

“The librarian was great. The response was immediate. The chat web session seemed to have some problems. Part way through the session, I could see the librarian's text, but my responses were not being sent to her. That meant that at the end, she gave me great help, but I was unable to thank her. She probably thought I just disconnected without any respect. I can imagine that would be hard on the librarians: they would probably attribute it to lack of gratitude on the part of the customer, which would be distressing… Anyway, the service was great. Tell your folks they're doing great. Thanks!” (SFU patron)
“I really like this service. I'm new to UBC and finding a right book can be as difficult as adjusting to university itself. Askaway really helped me get started on my research, and they were so friendly!! They responded promptly, I didn't have to wait forever to recieve a reply. Please keep up the good service, it's a rare find!”
“I saw this on the COTR home page and figured I would try it out as I have limited time to get things done and this saved at least ten minutes of my time from walking to get the information and waiting. She was fast at getting me the information I needed. Great idea!”
“This is a great service, especially for undergraduate students. So much of what I do for my assignments and papers is done off campus through the library's website, and prior to this service there was almost no one to ask for help if I was off campus. Thanks to this, I can get the help I need convienently and easily. Great idea!” (SFU patron)
“I was satisfied with the librarian responses to my queries. I am computer illiterate and it was my first time chatting. I will try again and will definitely reccommend the site to my friends and colleagues.” (UBC patron)
"I wasn't able to find what I was looking for, but the librarian was very friendly. She was persistant and helped me get some ideas for continued research. I will definitely use this service again." (UBC patron)