AskAway Update for October 5, 2006

This update was originally emailed to all AskAwayers. It is being re-posted here for ease of access.
Welcome to the first issue of the AskAway Update! This will be a weekly email to keep all of you who are working on the AskAway project up-to-date on how the service is doing. The update will also be a way for us to push you technical tips, feedback and stats without inundating your inbox with emails. Please let Sunni know if you have any suggestions for future content:
* Last Week’s AA Stats
* AA (Absolutely Amazing) Patron Feedback of the Week
* AA (Absolutely Amazing) Librarian Feedback of the Week
* Gord’s Technical Tip of the Week
* How Do I…?
* Neat New Stuff
* Holiday Closures
* Coming Soon…
Last Week’s AA Stats
The following numbers are for all chat sessions accepted by a librarian, excluding those sessions coded Practise.
From 11 AM Monday September 25 to 9 PM Sunday October 1, 2006:
Total # of ‘real’ chat sessions accepted: ~ 400
Average # of ‘real’ chat sessions accepted per day: ~ 57
Congratulations to everyone for your hard work answering questions - we’re hopping!
AA (Absolutely Amazing) Patron Feedback of the Week
Every time a patron that you have worked with fills out a survey form, you should get an email version of their response. Here are some randomly chosen (unedited) responses from last week:
"(The librarian) was incredible helpful, she did everything to help me out as much as possible, even pull up the floor plans for the library. This was a great experience!"
"This was awesome - allowed me to figure out where to go and what to look for at school instead of wandering around! I will definitely use this again. Thanks"
"was surprised at how quicky I received help. I will use this service again! thanks !"
AA (Absolutely Amazing) Librarian Feedback of the Week
“…had a great time during my first VR hour! My only regret is that I have to wait two weeks to do it again...”
“It was great fun! - once we got some of the wrinkles sorted out. ... Can’t wait for next week!”
“Also, in my 2 hour shift last night I only managed to pick up 1 call – and not for want of trying. I clicked as fast as I could, but someone always got there first…”
Gordon’s Technical Tips of the Week
“I’m waiting but am not getting any calls…”
Some librarians have been experiencing a situation where they think they are monitoring the service, but find out later that they were in fact ‘frozen’ and not able to pick up the calls. To prevent this from happening, keep an eye on the ‘Updated’ clock at the top of the chat monitor; it should update every few seconds. If it seems to be frozen and doesn’t show the right time, restart your browser and try re-logging in to QuestionPoint.
“My screen is refreshing so fast I can’t type…” or “I can’t make the pop-up notifications go away…”
Hitting the refresh button on your browser seems to solve these issues
How Do I ... Review My Own Transcripts?
Log on to QP. In the Select Service drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner, choose Ask. Click on the My Questions tab to view your transcripts. For more details on viewing transcripts, see the QuestionPoint Overview .
Neat New Stuff
We’ve added a Quick Reference Resources section to the Librarian’s Portal .
If there are any other links you would find useful to have on the Resources page (or anywhere else on the portal), please let us know: or
Important Dates
AskAway will be closed Thanksgiving Sunday October 8th and Thanksgiving Monday October 9th.
Coming Soon…
Guest logins: We're working on getting the list of guest logins up on the portal behind a password.
AskAway Blog: Hopefully this will take over from the serv prov listserv.