Comments feature now turned on

Hi folks. The Comments feature on the blog has now been turned on.
If someone posted a question or comment to the blog, and you'd like to reply immediately (and publicly), here's what you do:
1. Click the Comments button.
2. Under "Post a Comment", hit the orange Sign in link.
3. You'll be taken to a TypeKey screen. On the left, enter the Name and Password. They are exactly the same as the name and password combo for posting entries to the blog. See my email of Nov. 14 for those.
4. Type your comment in the appropriate box. Include your name and position at the bottom of your message, because all postings appear with a generic "AskAway" author. When you're done, hit Post.
5. You'll see your comment displayed below the original entry. Make sure to hit the orange Sign Out link.
Let me know if you have any trouble with this. Unfortunately, for the two questions recently posted to the list, it doesn't seem to be possible to add comments to them, so you'll have to reply directly to those authors, or perhaps they can repost their questions.
Gordon Coleman
BC Electronic Library Network