Fall Back Into AskAway!

AskAway opens for the fall term on Monday, September 19th.  As we move into the beginning of another AskAway term, here’s a couple of tips for ‘falling back into AskAway’.

1. Check out the updated Shift Checklist on the AskAway Portal.  This handy guide is filled with tips to get your shift off to the right start!

2.  Make sure your Campfire login works.  Campfire is the group chat AskAwayers use to chat with colleagues during their shifts – it is an essential tool for communicating quickly with everyone about technical issues, traffic management, tricky questions, and it can be fun for getting to know your fellow AskAwayers!  To make sure your Campfire login works, visit <http://askawayps.campfirenow.com>.  If you are unable to login, let me know.

3. Browse through the recent posts on the AskAway Blog.  You’ll find tips on handling patrons using the EBSCO Qwidgets, handling patrons in crisis, why we get lost calls, Campfire etiquette, and lots more.  Have an idea for something you’d like to see a blog post on?  Let me know!

Stay tuned for more AskAway updates, news and tips next week.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know!