Happy New (Technical) Year

Hi folks.
Happy New Year! This is a quick posting about some technical tips.
1. You'll notice the various upgrades and bug-fixes which were rolled out in early December: better response time, the patron connection status indicators, etc. See my posting for more detail.
2. QuestionPoint will shortly announce that QP is compatible with IE 7. Yayyy!
3. There is an upgrade to Flash (version 9) being pushed out to Flash users. When your computer gets the update, it is important that you RE-START your machine before logging into QP. If you don't re-start it, odd things will happen. The re-start ensures the old version of Flash is completely gone from the computer's memory. If you want to get the latest Flash version, download it from Adobe.
4. Repeating a good tip: Cobrowse works better when you try to minimize the number of IE browser windows you have open at the same time. You may need to have three open: the MyQuestionPoint screen, the librarian console, and the cobrowse window. Other than those three, try to do all your other work in another browser such as FireFox.
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