Not Picking Up Calls?

A number of librarians over the past two terms have reported that occasionally some librarians appear not to be picking up calls, leaving other folks staffing the service to handle two or three calls at a time. This could be for a number of reasons, the most likely being that these librarians are unaware of technical issues preventing them from seeing calls coming in. To prevent this from happening:
1) Please check your settings before every shift! Even one setting change could affect whether you are able to see calls coming in or not. Use the Check Your IE Settings document to do this.
2) If you need to be away from your workstation for any reason during a shift, please IM the other librarians on with you to let them know that you will not be picking up calls.
If you notice that other librarians appear not to be picking up calls, please let Sunni, Gordon or Niki know when this is occurring so that we can ascertain if technical issues are a factor.
- Sunni