Short URLs for Qwidget Patrons

We often have to copy and paste a long URL, especially from database searches, into the Qwidget chat interface. But these long links can be overwhelming and frustrating for patrons. In some cases the URLs are even too long to paste into the chat box.

Rather than disrupt your chat session with messy links... make your link tiny with a URL shortener instead!

Some popular URL shorteners include,,, and

Keep your favourite open in your browser to quickly use OR many can be installed directly into your browser as an Addon/Extension, Toolbar or Bookmarklet. Chrome: Try an Extension from the Chrome Web Store such as URL Shortener. Firefox: Try an Addon from the Mozilla site such as Lite. Internet Explorer: If you want extended Google features try the Google Toolbar or if you'd only like a shortener, try a Bookmarklet such as the one from Tools (requires sign-up). Safari: Try an Extension from the Apple site such as Shortly.

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