UBC Rewriting Proxy and Cobrowse

There has been progress in being able to cobrowse in a UBC licensed resource using an authentication method called the Rewriting Proxy. Here’s what you do:
1) After launching cobrowse, take the student to the Rewriting Proxy login page at: https://rsvpn.ubc.ca/http/www.library.ubc.ca/
2) Have the student login using the Campus Wide Login (CWL).
3) You can then navigate into a licensed database or ejournal.
4) If a page does not load properly, try opening it in another window and copying the address into the URL box in the cobrowse window. If that doesn’t work, you may have to guide the student to open the page in a new window.
For more details about authentication at UBC and its relation to cobrowse, I’ve written an explanation here: http://toby.library.ubc.ca/webpage/webpage.cfm?id=620
Sally Taylor (UBC)