UVic large Biology assignment

From Tracie Smith at the UVic Libraries: Just a heads up, that our 900+ students in BIOL 190A are now embarking on their Formal Lab Report. This report is for their catechol oxidase lab. We suspect some of them may come to AskAway for help.

Students are required to use the Web of Science to find their primary peer reviewed journal articles. [Apparently, the students are not to be using Summon 2.0 to find their articles]. The subject librarian (Kathleen Matthews kmatthes@uvic.ca)  has created a BIOL 190A Subject Guide for this course. See http://libguides.uvic.ca/BIOL190A The student are to use the Biology Departments approved Citing and Referencing Style for Biology Courses. Kathleen added the PDF for this “style guide” to the BIOL 190A Subject Guide at http://libguides.uvic.ca/content.php?pid=616411&sid=5096564. The formal reports are due, depending on the lab section, from October 27th – October 31st.

Thanks a lot for your help. Please feel free to refer students to our general desk (askref@uvic.ca) or the subject librarian. Tracie Smith UVic Libraries