Which pages do your patrons use most to access AskAway?

Where do learners ask for help? What pages are used most to connect with AskAway?

You can use the Form Fields statistics, available on the Statistics page of the Portal, to determine which pages from your institution are most often used to connect with AskAway. These include both Qwidgets and the full screen interface.

  1. Open the Form Fields spreadsheet in Excel or a similar program.
  2. Sort the spreadsheet by Institution followed by Referring URL.
  3. Scroll to your institution. When you look at the Referring URLs, there should be an alphabetical list of all the pages patrons have entered AskAway from through your institution. If you are going to further manipulate these statistics, you may want to copy and paste them on a separate spreadsheet.

As is, you can choose to see which pages are listed the most. Additionally, you can use other fields of the Form Fields (e.g., descriptive codes) combined with the referring URLs to find further information about patron use.

You can use this information to:

  1. Determine what works - if more patrons come through one page than other similar pages, is the Qwidget placed more prominently? Is the page set up differently, or does it have other differences?
  2. Determine what could be improved - are many patrons coming to AskAway through this page asking a technical question and being referred back to their home library (according to the descriptive codes)? Perhaps the instructions on the page could be clarified or simplified, if applicable.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact me at the admin centre.

- Reece, BC ELN